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Video: Final Warning - Economic Precipice Near

In this video the producers of the Final Warnings Report examine the recent letter dated January 6, 2011 from Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner to Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader. The secretary warns of "catastrophic economic consequences that would last for decades" if the debt limit is not raised. Other commentators have warned of similarly dire consequences if the debt limit is raised. So, who to believe?

Could restoring a sound money option for Americans actually be the golden parachute everyone's looking for? Making gold and silver coin a legal tender for payment of debts (See U.S. Constitution article 1, sec. 10) would expand the monetary base of the United States overnight, creating an honest, sound stimulus without inflation. China is currently aggressively pursuing this strategy. Domestically, a dozen states are considering this option as well, including Utah with its Sound Money Act which is currently under consideration. Call on your representatives today to restore sound money.

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