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Phoenix Sounds Off About Sound Money
Phoenix Roberts offers his conservative, strict constructionist, originalist view of politics in Utah specifically and the Union generally. He doesn't pull any punches and I doesn't care if anyone else agrees with him. For Phoenix, this republic is at a crossroads, and he intends to do what he can to push it back toward what the Founders intended.

I remember when gasoline cost $0.229 per gallon. My parents bought their first house, a modest, suburban, 4-bedroom tract home, for $22,000. My father once purchased an Olds 88, used but in excellent condition, for $100. Of course, wages were similarly lower in the 1960s than they are today, but the point is the inflation caused by the ever-diminishing purchasing power of the US dollar. Today, you can't buy gas in my neighborhood for less than $2.75; a house not one-half mile from my boyhood home is on the market at $350,000; and my car, a nearly-new mid-sized hatchback, cost me $12,000.

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