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Equity International Depository
Equity International Depository is very pleased to support the Utah Monetary Summit.

We believe strongly in using tangible assets to provide stability for and to encourage integrity within our monetary system. Historically, precious metals have served effectively as stores of value and as mediums of exchange. Those who desire to use them should be allowed to do so without undue restriction.

We believe other important commodities, such as food that is properly packaged, stored, secured and insured, can also serve a vital role in this regard.

We encourage everyone, if possible, to own precious metals and food reserves. We provide individual accounts for precious metals vaulting and exchange services, as well as insured, temperature-controlled, storage options for our palletized, long-term foods.

We believe in the principles of liberty that under-gird our humanity, one of which is equity - the purest form of non-debt-based ownership and a sense of moral fairness.

We believe responsible, localized production, ownership and control of valuable commodities and resources will preserve lives, protect wealth, provide security, promote liberty and produce prosperity throughout the nation.

To assist Citizens for Sound Money in this important initiative, Equity Foods is willing to donate 5% of all sales proceeds originating from the Citizens for Sound Money community, in addition to offering a 5% discount off the normal discounted prices to anyone who clicks through to www.equityfoods.com or mentions Citizens for Sound Money when ordering by phone at 1-866-440-1456.

Together we can make a difference in restoring liberty, security, prosperity and equity to our nation by understanding and abiding by principles of sound money.
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