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Opening Session - In Search of the Monetary Ideal
During the opening session of the summit, located in the Officers Club North/South Banquet Hall, moderators Jeff Bell, Larry Hilton and Rich Danker will initiate discussion concerning three broad monetary classes: precious metal based standards, asset-backed currencies, and fiat legal tender. Distinguished panelists will be invited to take a few minutes to introduce discrete monetary systems, past, present and projected, that fall within each of these general categories as follows:
  1. Natural money -- James Turk
  2. Barter & local money -- Eddie Allen
  3. State issued coinage -- Fernando Vadillo
  4. State declared legal tender -- David Morgan
  5. Foreign Gold Exchange Standard -- Charles Kadlec
  6. Classical International Gold Standard -- Nathan Lewis
  7. Commercial bank issued currencies -- Dr. Richard Ebeling
  8. Free Market commodity-basket-backed currency -- Nathan Welch
  9. Government commodity-basket-backed currency -- David Garrett
  10. Other free market issued fiat currencies -- Dr. Olivier LeDoit
  11. U.S. Treasury Department issued fiat currency -- Bill Still
  12. Central bank issued fiat currency -- Dr. Alex Chafuen
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